Punta Mita- April 23-29, 2018




SMA      “Old Guys Rule”   Conference

Punta Mita, Mexico, April 23-29, 2018


Conference Coordinator:  Bill Jones, PhD,  Phone: 831-601-7873

                                                     Email: [email protected]                   


Who:  This is a conference for older members of SMA. (But younger SMA members with an interest in geriatrics can attend) It is also a “couple” friendly conference in a beautiful location. So if you know another couple or two, you can get a suite together as there are 2 and 3 bedroom condos. (26 people maximum attendance, if demand is there, a couple more perhaps)


What:  This conference will focus on the aging surfer with emphasis on “Surfiatrics”


Where:  CONDOMINIOS Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico (Low season and rates are better)

But surf is still happening, during these dates in 2017, I had shoulder to above head high for several days. South and SW swells still come in.  All conference programs will be held at the Condominios


When:  April  23-29, 2018 (Program is Tuesday, April 24 to Friday, April 27)


Why:     The founding SMA members and second wave of membership are in the 50 to 75 age range with some giving up surf and water activities. The SMA, at several conferences, has had discussion groups and presentations on the Aging Surfer and it is a topic of interest as member’s age. Also SMA wants to attract new members and older members can serve as mentors to these new SMAer’s.


HOW to ATTEND: NEW Procedures

Please read this all the way through, as there are details you will need to follow.


  1. Pay Conference fee to SMA. $350 couples and $275 singles. This conference is refundable with the exception of a $50.00 donation and processing fee. Conference fee includes conference polo shirt.

Go to SMA website to pay Conference fee



  1. Contact the Hotel To book your accommodations. Be sure to say you are with SMA group and you would like to share a condo with another couple.


Punta Mita Conference Attendees: 


Procedures for registering at CONDOMINIOS DE PUNTA MITA  are almost complete. To reserve your room/condo for the conference you will need to contact


[email protected]

Be sure to use international dial 011 (I believe) if you call

Hotel: 52-329-2915040

Cell:   52-554-9090500


The website is not up and running yet but should be soon. Cristina can get you info on this.


Cristina is working on a conference rate for us. Also remember that condos are 2 and 3 suite design and are perfect to share with a fellow SMA couple or we will try to place you with someone who is up to sharing condos and saving some money to make this a cost effective adventure.




  • The other option for a place to stay is El Anclote, (Thanks for info Andrew). Following is the VRBO website. El Anclote Condos are just across the street from Hotel Cinco



  1. Make your flight reservation ASAP to fly into Puerta Vallarta

Decide if you want to rent a car for the week, (use Gecko as they have good

deals if you pay cash 30% off and I will have a deal set up for you if you use

them) , get a taxi from airport to Hotel Cinco ($35-50 for taxi) or pay extra for a

pick up by the conference coordinator and have access to several side trips to

surf spots and world class restaurants. After you register the conference

coordinator will contact you about this


  1. Contact Bill to let him know the following:

*That you have condo reservations,

*What flight you are on?

*Are you renting a car?

*Shirt sizes for you and significant other (if attending)


Developing ProgramTopics


Starting and ending times coincide with the siesta time of day as  it will be warmer in the afternoon, but still leaves time for morning and afternoon go outs.


Monday, April 23 late afternoon, Tequila Welcome


Tuesday, April 24, (2 to 4pm)


Surfing and Getting Old, “Keeping the Stoke” An individual Story, Bill Jones, PhD


Wednesday, April 25 (2 to 4pm)

Dr. Rich Guess  (topic to be determined)

Dr. Gustavo Gonzalez, The Aging Eye of a Surfer

Dr. Michael Rowbotham,  The Retiring Surfer: The Lifestyle


Thursday, April 26, (2-4pm)

Open discussion, topics include

Continuing Evolution of SMA

The Aging Surfer

Surfing Options for older surfers

Injury recovery and rehab


Friday, April 27, 2018 (STILL IN DEVELOPMENT)

Mentoring new doctors and health professionals for service, membership and camaraderie

Other topics to be developed









Punta Mita Surf Map Surf Rentals or bring own boards.

Below is a surf map of the area. Also, info on Surf Mexico for board rental (They deliver and pick up as well) If you plan on bringing your own boards, check airline rates as they can be up to $200.00 each way.






Fine Dining:


The following are inside the Mita Residental gate and require reservations that can be set up at the hotel.





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