• “Surfing Remade in the Rockaways” in the NYT.

    Check out this amazing article “Surfing Remade in the Rockaways” in the NYT. The article highlights the changes in surfing over the years in the […]

  • Banana Bag Oral

    Somewhere between Indonesia and Nicaragua, pharmacist Brian Dery realized sports drinks just weren’t cutting it. His adventures to some of the world’s most exotic surfing breaks were bogging down […]

  • Surfing in Senegal

    From Senegal, Khadjou Sambe aspires to be in the 2020 Olympics for surfing.  She spends her time training in California working with coaches.  Growing up she […]

  • Pegasus Lodges

    Haven’t heard of this little gem.  Check on Pegasus Lodges in the Telos:   Situated on a 50-acre uninhabited private island (containing one of the […]

  • Surfer’s Ear Treatment with Haruka in Japan

    Haruka Nakanishi MD, PhD is a long time SMA member. We would love to share a little about the amazing techniques he is using to […]

  • Update on Nicaragua

    Update on the Nicaragua Crisis Julia C. Guth, CEO & Executive Publisher, The Oxford ClubChair, The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic Dear Friend of Nicaragua,  It’s been a […]

  • Help SMA fund a Moto Ambulance

    Melissa Oliver, our Siargao liaison is having her birthday and she is doing a fundraiser for our first motorcycle ambulance for the island of Siargao. […]

  • The SMA Fiji Scholarship Fund by Paula Smith

    The SMA’s scholarship program began when the family of  Steve Baser, an SMA member and Tavarua conference attendee who had past away, wanted a way […]

  • Marine envenomation, lightning, heat stroke, & bleeding by Andrew Schmidt


  • Beartooth communications for austere locations/disaster/surf trips

    Ever travel somewhere and not have great signal? Worried about disaster hitting and not being able to get in touch with your loved ones? We […]