From Dr. Geoff Booth, Australia, on the passing of Druku, the face and soul of Tavarua.

Thank you for sharing this information re: the passing of a commanding and fearless man, Druku (Rate Sakiusa Nadruku Lalabalavu). However, the Love he showed my young (at the time) children (Christian and Charles) when they came to Tavarua in 1987, was for me, the most enduring
memory I have of this great Family man.

At the same 1987 SMA Conference, I recorded that Asisela Tuitai (a Fijian Medicine Man) told us that "there is something special about this place" (Tavarua). He stated that his belief was that Tavarua was the centre of a great force and that the restaurant itself has great healing power. Tuitai attributed this to the presence of a very old skull buried beneath the restaurant. It was later told to me that Druku, the First Fijian surfer, was the Great-Great Grandson of Ratu Kini, the Fijian Chief and "Traditional Owner" of Tavarua whose skull it is said is the one buried on Tavarua.

Now I don't know whether any of this is correct or not. However, I do believe that Tavarua indeed has magical healing properties (spirits): as do most people who have surfed there.

May Druku rest in peace and be forever in our hearts.



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Warm water and tasty waves to you in 2015. The Surfers Medical Association will celebrate its 30th year of going to Tavarua Island in Fiji, where the idea for the SMA came into being. Surfers from the California, Hawaii, Australia and few selected other docs met in the new found Mecca of surfing at Tavarua.

SMA is the “grandfather” of all of the medical surfing related groups and projects that are present today. We traveled to spots off of the beaten path where we surfed, conferenced and started health programs, the spots have now become mainstreamed surfing spots. SMA members were in the first waves of surf explorers in the Pacific Islands, Indonesia, the Maldives, Mexico, Central and South America since the 1950’s.


The first generation of “surf docs” Dr. Barney Wilkes, Doc Ball, Dr. Don James, Doc Paskowitz and other docs lead the way in surfing medicine in the 1930’s to 1950’s and a bit beyond. Dr. Robert Scott of Santa Cruz, bridged the gap from the 1960’s until the SMA started.


Throughout this year and the next we will be celebrating Surfing Medicine and its history at our conferences, in the Journal of Surfing Medicine with expanded coverage with the help of The Surfers Journal and in our working with other groups, organizations and projects.


There also is the exciting possibilities of change in the leadership of the SMA with another generation of surfing health/medical practitioners stepping up to head up the projects, conferences and the organization itself.

Watch us this year as we drop in with you, Live Aloha

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When: March 18 to March 27, 2016

On March 19 to March 27, 2016, a newer SMA Conference venue in the Galapagos Islands will happen. There will be a one week session. I went to the Galapagos last year and it is the trip of a lifetime. When you visit the website listed below you will see the waves, which speak for themselves, and then realize there is a lot more to do and see, it is quite impressive.



Tavarua 2016

DATES - June 25 - July 2, 2016

The siren of Cloudbreak and the ebullient Fijian spirit called us home once again. This year marked the 29th Surfer’s Medical Association trip to Tavarau, with 32 adults and 28 children making the trip from the United States, Australia, Japan, and Puerto Rico. We had a good swell at the beginning and then another at the end of the week, with Scott Winer immortalizing our drops, barrels, and biffs. The talks were notably excellent this year, 11 in total, with topics ranging from surfing trauma case series, medical art history, to how to deliver a baby on a surf trip. Many thanks to all who presented.


Nicaragua 2016


When: August 2016


Our 2016 Nicaragua conference will be held on August - in Puerto Sandino, Nicaragua. (TENATIVE DATES) We have chosen the dates above due to the morning low tides that week that migrate forward through the day, and are favorable for some key local breaks. This is also a time of the year known for all-day offshore winds...


The Pacific Rim Medical Conference


When: September 2016 in Monterey bay


3 day medical conference in Monterey
SEPTEMBER 29, 2016
SEPTEMBER 30, 2016
OCTOBER 1, 2016
Barefoot Doctors Workshop, October 2, 2016



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